You will increase your creativity

Playing the piano is an extremely creative activity, as the primary purpose is to use the instrument to interpret a piece of music sometimes written more than 200 years ago. During this process, you will be required to analyse the score to understand its meaning and to pass it on to the audience by using your creativity while respecting the personality of the composer.

An immense sense of creativity, imagination and inspiration is necessary to accomplish such a task, so playing the piano will help you develop the artistic side of your brain.

You will gain confidence

Playing the piano will help you gain confidence as it requires you to make decisions on your own. It is always gratifying to hear what you have created yourself. (In the early days of learning and playing, your teacher will help you with decision making, but the process becomes more autonomous as time goes by!)

The process of learning a new piece of music is fantastic. You start from nothing, practise, improve, and finally get the fruits of your hard work, as farmers do during the harvest time.

The progression is fascinating and getting an assured reward after putting the effort in certainly boosts your self-confidence and sense of achievement.

You will develop your memory

Learning how to play the piano develops your memory. You will learn a brand new vocabulary – the music vocabulary and will have to remember similar to learning a foreign language.

It is also advised to play a piece by memory when performing.

When you no longer need to look at the score, then you can solely focus on the sound that you are producing.

While playing advanced pieces, it could be extraordinarily challenging to follow the score and perform technical difficulties. Knowing the composition by heart will once again be necessary.

You will improve your social skills

Joining chamber music sessions, or participating in duet classes is an excellent opportunity to develop your listening abilities as playing with others will force you to become more aware of your environment. Slight timing or dynamic errors could be acceptable while performing on your own, but it becomes unsatisfactory when playing in a group or a duet format.

You will learn how to adapt your playing to your surrounding and therefore make your performance sound more accurate.

It’s simply a fantastic way to improve!

You will discover and understand the world of music

Having an advanced musical culture is necessary to ensure excellent performance. Playing the piano will, therefore, encourage you to develop your musical knowledge, and discover the beautiful and extraordinary world of music.

You will be introduced to the language of each composer as well as the language of music itself, including the construction of melody, rhythm and harmony.

You will stay young cognitively

The complexity of piano playing requires several parts of the brain to be involved simultaneously.

The difficulty of combining intellectual and physical capacities at the same time is extraordinarily challenging and therefore demands you to stay focus and alert at all times. Any lack of concentration can be problematic and will disturb your playing tremendously.

You, therefore, have to master the ability to multi-task!

This real multi-tasking exercise is exceptional if you wish to stay young cognitively!

You will meet like-minded piano lovers

Playing the piano can seem to be a lonely activity, but by joining a piano academy, you will have the immense privilege to meet like-minded piano lovers.

At S & C, we organise regular student concerts and masterclasses monthly to ensure that you have the opportunity to connect and socialise with fantastic friends of music.

By joining our exciting events, you will soon realise that many other men and women play the piano for their enjoyment while having a very demanding profession. It is lovely to be able to share your experience as an amateur pianist with other lawyers, doctors, traders, film producers or even writers.

You will be playing your favourite tunes

Is it not amazing to sit at the piano, and to start playing your favourite tunes whenever you feel like it?

Instead of having to listen to the interpretation of others, you could now express yourself, and add your personal feeling into the songs or pieces that you like the most.

It simply does not get better than that!

You will relieve stress

Playing the piano is a terrific way to relieve stress. Firstly the complexity of learning forces you to focus, and eliminate any other thought to succeed. Secondly playing the piano can take you to a world that you would not be able to access otherwise. (The fourth dimension if you like!)

Playing the piano is very similar to watching a captivating movie. As soon as you start, you get into another dimension that allows you to forget any issue that you could face in your daily life. It immediately helps you relax and change your mind instantly.

It is even better than a Spa!

You will encourage your children to play the piano and help them learn

All parents hope to educate their children as well as they possibly can, by allowing them to learn various skills. It is well-known that learning a musical instrument is an essential part of the education of your children, and being able to help and support them in this process could only bring more joy into your life. Without mentioning the rare privilege to play some duets with them as soon as they achieve a satisfactory standard of piano playing!

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