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Sight reading

How to improve my sight-reading skill?


Sight-reading is the ability to read music upon seeing a piece for the first time. It is useful when you have a new piece to study as you will be able to learn it efficiently. Sight reading enables you to play pieces even though you are not familiar with them and being able to sight read proficiently is like unlocking yourself to a library of countless pieces of music. Sight-reading is one of the skills that every musician will find extremely useful when mastered, it is essential to piano players especially when it comes to accompanying other musicians. Learning how to [...]

How to improve my sight-reading skill?2021-05-25T07:51:29+01:00

Don’t know how to read music?


Don’t know how to read music? "I really want to play the piano, but I can't read music". This is a question asked by multiple people interested in playing the piano many a time. Well, lucky for you, if you ask the same question, it really is OK. Who in the world expects you to know? Music is like a foreign language and nobody has a clue how to say anything in French until they learn French. If you were to open a Spanish textbook for the first time you would not be a fluent speaker until you learnt [...]

Don’t know how to read music?2019-08-16T18:44:23+01:00


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