May 30, 2021

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Improving your sound production can contribute a lot when it comes to musicality and artistry because being fluent in sound production enables you to deliver the emotions of your music to your listeners. Not all musicians have the ability to produce sound that it can give so much emotions and can also touch people’s feelings. Sound production has a lot of factors when it comes to creating it. It requires a good set of skills and huge amount of understanding how sounds are produced.

Making sounds for music varies from each musical instrument. All kinds of instrument are unique and are made for their own purpose. Piano is one of the most brilliant instruments that was ever invented during the 1700. Though each instrument is unique, what makes piano stands out among the other instruments is that it can produce more than plenty of tones at the same time. unlike some instruments that can only play one note at a time.

What is also remarkable about the piano is that it can be classified under two family of instruments. There are 3 basic categories of instruments: stringed, wind and percussion instruments. The piano falls under the stringed instrument because the sound from the inside of the piano is created by the vibrations of the strings, but in order to produce that sound, it has to be hit by the small hammers inside the piano which also classifies it as a percussive instrument.

The piano is a delicate instrument that you can produce sound in many ways even though it looks like you only press the keys to create tone. Being a pianist, you should be able to produce sound with mastery in order to interpret and express the music according to your will.

inside of a grand piano

Develop Good Technique

Nothing is more important in contributing to create quality tone production than being skillful and having an excellent technique on the piano. Having an excellent technique in piano playing means that you have great control in playing different passages. Passages on the piano can vary from single melodies of a nursery song to multiple voices from a fugue by J. S. Bach, or from simple slow tunes to intricate ballades by Chopin.

Developing the right technique should be a priority when it comes to improving your sound production because it will determine how well you play and how you can manage to create tones with excellent control. Improving your technique will not only help you to improve your sound production but will also enhance your learning and makes easier to learn more advanced pieces.

woman reading piano music

Be Knowledgeable with the Articulations

Articulations are markings on a note or several notes that indicate how it should be played to create a specific sound. There are several articulations in music which makes sound production more distinct. Some of the common music articulations are staccato and legato. Staccato is when you play a note shorter, making the sound of a note like giving a small poke. You can imagine a bird pecking the piano keys. While the legato is to make a progression of notes flow and become connected. Articulations is like putting colors on a black and white drawing. It gives more vibrance making a melody more colorful.

Being knowledgeable on playing the piano keys with the different articulations can make a lot of difference with tone production. It creates more possibilities to interpret and express music in a way that you can deliver not just sound but also emotions and images through music.

man listening to his piano playing

Listen to Yourself

Some musicians tend to focus too much on their playing that they forgot to listen to themselves. There is a tendency that piano players would put his or her attention on how their hands and fingers play on the piano keys that the music and sound they produce is being neglected. It happens from time to time when the piece is getting technical and concentration on your finger gymnastics on the piano is taking your attention away from your sound production. That is why it is important to listen to what sound you are making so that you will be aware of how you should execute a passage in order to produce the tone that you are wanting to create.

Sometimes it is challenging to hear everything you play especially when you are studying an advanced piece because of the tons of notes being played. One way to observe your sound by yourself is by recording your piano playing with your gadget. In this way, you will be able to hear every sound you create more carefully and will give you the opportunity to see how your arms and hands move when you play certain passages.

woman playing the grand piano

Find Your Melody

One of the ways that you can do to improve your sound production in piano playing is by knowing where your melody is. Being a pianist, you should do your best to avoid drowning your melody with the other notes especially when playing multiple notes at once. The advantage of playing the piano compared to other instrument is that you can play as many notes as your hands can play on the piano keys. When melodies are made, they are commonly written for the right hand and accompanied by harmonies with chords or bass lines which is usually played by the left hand.

When a melody is played with several notes, you have to make sure that its sound will stand out along with the other notes that are played by the left hand. In this case, the melody or tune will be heard clearly and not over powered by other notes.

woman practising piano at home

Take Piano Lessons

Obviously, the best and most effective way to improve your sound production is to learn from someone who has years of experience in playing the piano. Professional piano teachers are very well equipped to teach students in developing technique and improving tone quality that will help in improving sound production. One of the advantages of learning from a piano teacher is that the lesson will be taught according to a student’s learning style. The piano teacher has the ability to adapt to a student’s learning needs that will guide the student to improve in the most efficient way.

Sound production is a vital factor when it comes to musicality as it gives the ability for the piano player to deliver the message, emotion or images of a music to the audience effectively. When you are able to produce good quality sound on the piano, your will be able to connect to your audience with your music which will make them enjoy and appreciate your performance better.

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