Being an intermediate pianist is an exciting stage to be at, as there are still so many aspects of piano playing to discover, but it can also sometimes be frustrating.

It is a stage of your pianistic development where it is essential to seek the advice of an expert pianist to ensure that you continue building your skills in the right manner.

It is an essential step at which several amateur pianists get stuck and often stop improving due to their insufficient knowledge and understanding of the instrument. They get frustrated with the little improvement they make on their own and feel that they will never be able to play the piano as they have always dreamed of.

Please do not despair if you have the impression that you will never be able to improve your piano playing further. An excellent instructor will surely be able to offer you the instruction you need to get to the next level.

Technical or musical issues that could seem impossible to conquer on your own are often easy to resolve for professional pianists who have experienced the same difficulties.

It is prevalent for us at S & C to meet intermediate pianists who were in total despair about a specific aspect of their playing. We are now delighted to have been able to resolve it in a few weeks only.

Piano playing is not a mystery. It is a skill like all others, that needs to be learned. We can assure you that you would perfectly be able to play the most difficult technical passages or make your piano sing if you know how to use your hands in the right way.

Unfortunately, the answers to your pianistic questions cannot be found in books. It is only by taking piano lessons with a master pianist that you will be able to move forward.

All individuals are different, and all our piano students have had their concerns when starting their piano lessons at S & C. In all cases, we have always been able to help them. We must say that their piano playing has radically transformed after a few months only.

By joining S & C, you will undoubtedly be in good hands. You will be studying with a remarkable pianist who will know how to use your current knowledge to improve your piano playing, based on your qualities, and progressively help you fix your pianistic faults if any.

Our piano instructors are incredibly understanding and flexible. They will make you truly bring out your unique talents instead of criticising or patronising you. On the contrary, they will be working hand-in-hand with you to ensure that you feel comfortable at all times and that you truly understand the reasons behind each advice given or suggestion made.

At S & C, we believe that all intermediate piano players have the potential to become proficient pianists and that there is no reason why your dream would not become true if an excellent pianist guides you!

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