Have you always dreamed of mastering jazz piano playing?

Do you desire to know how to improvise, and swing on the piano?

Do you want to take jazz piano lessons with an expert jazz piano instructor in Dubai?

If you have answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, you can be assured that the jazz department of S & C is the right place for you.

Learning how to play jazz is not as straight forward as it could seem, and taking jazz piano lessons from an expert instructor is necessary for you to understand and learn its language.

At S & C, we only work with extremely experienced jazz piano instructors who know how to teach you all the skills to become an excellent jazz pianist.

Our jazz piano instructors will also advise you to immerse yourself into jazz music, and to listen to some of the greatest jazz pianists as often as you can: Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Count Basie, Herbie Hancock, Dave Brubeck, Erroll Garner, Thelonious Monk, Chick Corea and Gary Husband to only name a few.

By taking jazz piano lessons at S & C, you can be assured to benefit from the highest jazz piano instruction available in Dubai.

You will learn all the correct techniques, methodologies and ideas you need to know to become the wonderful jazz piano player that you have always wanted to be!

Jazz piano course options for beginners:

You are welcome to choose one of these three options:

  • One-to-one weekly for 30 minutes
  • One-to-one weekly for 45 minutes
  • One-to-one weekly for 60 minutes

What you can expect during your beginner jazz piano lessons in Dubai:

You will assuredly benefit from an excellent jazz piano education, and get a lot of motivation from your jazz piano instructor.

He will teach you all the correct techniques in a manner that is easy to understand and apply. Your success matters a lot to us, and you will surely be grateful later to have built your jazz piano playing on such a strong foundation.

You will learn how to play jazz extremely well, and finally outcome the secrets of improvisation:

Improvisation is not a mystery that can only be mastered by the geniuses. It is an art that gets learned and mastered if the correct methods are applied.

Your piano instructor will reveal to you all the secrets of improvisation as used by the world’s greatest jazz pianists!

We believe that anyone can learn how to improvise and learn jazz piano if it is done under the guidance of the expert jazz piano instructors of S & C.

You can join a beginner jazz piano course at any time during the year

You do not need to wait for September or January to join a course.

We are open for new registrations in our jazz piano department throughout the year.

You can select the location that is most suitable for you.

You do not need any prior experience to get started!

Thanks to the flexibility of our jazz piano instructors, you can start your beginner jazz piano course at any time during the year.

Our jazz piano department is open for new registrations throughout the year to facilitate your enrolment.

And remember that you do not need any prior knowledge to book your beginner jazz piano lessons.

We look forward to serving you with outstanding jazz piano lessons in Dubai!