Celine Gaurier-Joubert

A personal message from Celine:

Dear Piano Enthusiast,

I have founded S & C with one vision in mind: Offering all piano enthusiasts, from absolute beginners to advanced amateur pianists, the immense privilege to benefit from the highest piano education in a non-judgemental and sophisticated environment.

Throughout the years, I have sadly realised that there were not many appropriate platforms available for those who wish to learn how to play the piano at a later stage in their life. I truly wanted to create a scene where they could express themselves.

Sadly, most piano schools focus on teaching children, and music colleges only accept future professional pianists.

Too many piano enthusiasts are left in the dark, and they usually do not know where to turn to make their dream become true.

S & C has been created for you as an amateur pianist. I aimed to establish a piano academy based on excellence, and extremely high standard of piano education for piano enthusiasts from all walks of life, whatever their current musical abilities are.

And it is a real success!

If you are passionate about piano playing and wish to learn how to play the piano or want to develop your piano skills to the next level, you are cordially invited to join a piano course with us.

You can be assured to learn the secrets of piano playing as used by the world’s greatest pianists. You will benefit from a strong piano education in an environment which is entirely dedicated to you.

We welcome all piano enthusiasts including lawyers, doctors, engineers, traders, businessmen and women, writers or even TV producers, to embark on the fantastic journey of piano playing!

Thank you for contacting us at enrol@sandc.ae if you wish to book your piano course.

He will be happy to give you all the necessary information to enrol, and make your dream become true!

Be the pianist you have always wanted to be!

Warm regards


S & C specialises in the following:

  • Teaching piano enthusiasts who have no prior piano experience
  • Teaching piano enthusiasts who think that they are not talented
  • Teaching piano enthusiasts who are nervous and worried about learning how to play the piano
  • Teaching piano enthusiasts who have reached a peak in their piano playing
  • Teaching piano enthusiasts who feel that there are too old to start
  • Teaching piano enthusiasts who believe that they are tone deaf
  • Teaching piano enthusiasts who are very advanced in their piano playing but wish to get to the next level
  • Teaching piano enthusiasts who are at an intermediate level and want to seriously improve
  • Teaching piano enthusiasts who played the piano in their youth

We teach the following styles at the Dubai Piano institute:

  • Classical piano
  • Romantic piano
  • Baroque piano
  • Modern piano
  • Jazz piano
  • Blues/rock piano
  • Popular piano