Offering a piano course to a piano enthusiast is certainly the most incredible gift that you could ever give.

Giving the immense opportunity to a loved one to learn how to play the piano, or to improve his or her piano skills is simply priceless!

S & C offers outstanding piano courses for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced pianists. You can, therefore, be assured that the receiver can benefit from the highest piano instruction whatever his or her current abilities.

Learn from the most experienced and qualified piano instructors in Dubai and the UAE

Our wonderful piano instructors have a remarkable experience in teaching piano enthusiasts, and their level of expertise has been unprecedented in Dubai and the UAE.

Our master piano instructor Celine Gaurier-Joubert has herself studied with the greatest master piano instructors in Paris and Switzerland. Her remarkable knowledge of the piano makes her one of the most sought-after piano instructors of her generation.

Students can take piano lessons in all music genres, from classical piano instruction to jazz, blues, rock and pop tuition.

Classical piano course gifts

During a typical classical piano course at S & C, students develop their knowledge of theory, improve their technical skills, and learn how to interpret the pieces written by their favourite composers brilliantly.

Jazz piano course gifts

Our jazz piano courses are ran by extraordinary jazz pianists who focus on helping students develop their understanding of jazz harmony while learning how to improvise remarkably!

Blues piano course gifts

During their blues piano course, the students learn how to master the blues scale, piano licks and how to slide up and down the piano.

Pop piano course gifts

Thanks to the variety of styles within pop music, the students can choose to study their favourite songs from a huge repertoire of music.

Rock piano course gifts

Evolving from rock & roll, this entertaining genre gives the opportunity to students to experiment as soon as they have mastered the basics.

Redeem your gift voucher

Redeeming your gift voucher is quite straight forward.

Simply contact our manager Celine at

S & C is known as the most excellent piano academy in Dubai and the UAE. You can be assured, when giving one of our piano courses as a gift, to not only offer some piano lessons but an incredible experience that will never be forgotten.

You are setting up your friend or loved one on a journey to discover the immense pleasure of mastering the art of piano playing – A wonderful gift to treasure!