S & C is proud to be able to offer astonishing piano lessons to adult piano enthusiasts who reside in Dubai Marina.

As providing adult amateur pianists with an excellent piano education is our purpose in Dubai Marina, we invite piano lovers from all walks of life to start learning how to play the piano or improve their current skills with one of our wonderful piano instructors.

As each individual is different, we always ensure to teach you in a manner that is specifically suitable for you and we always adapt our piano lessons to your personal needs and wishes.

When teaching the piano in Dubai Marina, we do not follow a set syllabus as we always prefer teaching you in accordance to your own dreams and abilities.

S & C welcomes all adult piano lovers whether they are absolute beginners without any prior musical knowledge, intermediate players or advanced amateur pianists.

Beginner Piano Lessons in Dubai Marina

You do not need to have any musical background to join our piano courses in Dubai Marina as learning how to read music and understand the principles of rhythms and timing will be part of your piano education.

It is wonderful to start playing the piano as an adult and Dubai Marina is certainly a beautiful surrounding to embark on your musical journey.

Your piano lessons will take place weekly on a set day and time and you can start your piano course at any time during the year.

Intermediate Piano Lessons in Dubai Marina

Adults who are already playing at an intermediate standard could sometimes feel frustrated and are in need of benefiting from the advice of a professional pianist in order to get their piano playing to the next level.

By booking a piano course with S & C in Dubai Marina, you can now have the immense privilege to get the help of an exceptional piano instructor who will be able to help you resolve all technical and musical difficulties.

Often pianistic issues that could seem insurmountable to you, could be resolved very quickly by one of our expert piano instructors.

Advanced Piano Lessons in Dubai Marina

If you call yourself an advanced amateur pianist, it means that you have been playing the piano for at least 10 years and that you have achieved a proficient pianistic level.

You can, however, feel that you are in front of a wall and that you do not know how to improve further.

At S & C, we are proud to say that we have worked closely with adult amateur pianists for several years and that we completely understand the stage you are at.

You might be in need of seeking some direction and would love to get feedback on your piano performances.

Whatever the repertoire you specialise in (baroque, classical, romantic or modern), we will be pleased to help you improve your technical and musical skills drastically.

Contact us today for your Dubai Marina piano lessons:

To find out more about our piano courses in Dubai Marina, please contact our manager Celine Gaurier-Joubert directly at enrol@sandc.ae

We will respond to your enquiry within 1 working day.