At S & C, we are extremely pleased to be able to offer you the highest piano instruction in Palm Jumeirah.

Orchestrated by master piano instructor Celine Gaurier-Joubert, S & C is without a doubt the reference in terms of adult piano education in Dubai and the UAE.

Passionate by both piano playing and adult amateur pianists, Celine had the perfect ingredients to create this unique piano academy entirely dedicated to adults who wish to start their piano education or improve their technical and musical ability with exceptional instructors in Palm Jumeirah.

Beginner Piano Lessons in Palm Jumeirah

Adult beginners without any prior musical knowledge are very welcome to join S & C.

By starting your piano education with us, you can be assured to learn all the correct techniques from day one and benefit from the advice of a highly skilled piano teacher.

Adult beginners are often worried not to be talented enough. Let us reassure you. There is no need for any special talent to join S & C in Palm Jumeirah.

We believe that everybody is talented and that wonders can be achieved with the instruction of an excellent instructor!

Intermediate Piano Lessons in Palm Jumeirah

Adult intermediate pianists already play at a reasonable standard but benefiting from the advice of a brilliant piano teacher can enhance their piano playing much faster than if they were trying to do it on their own.

Often, insurmountable pianistic issues can be solved extremely quickly with the help of an expert so we would definitely encourage you to get in touch to benefit from this immense privilege in Palm Jumeirah.

You will surely be amazed by all the piano tips that you will be taught to you!

Advanced Piano Lessons in Palm Jumeirah

Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Debussy…

As an advanced amateur pianist, you surely know these composers very well.

But do you truly understand the meaning of all their wonderful compositions? Do you really master all the technical difficulties present in their piano pieces?

Probably not…

Nobody is ever too advanced to ignore the feedback of an expert pianist. Actually, even the greatest concert pianists often perform for their peers to get a second opinion.

Even if you are already playing at a very high standard, getting the input of a professional pianist could be wonderful as there are probably some faults in your piano playing that you are not aware of. On the other hand, there are also some qualities that certainly require appraisals.

We are always delighted to meet new proficient amateur pianists at S & C in Palm Jumeirah!

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