Many years ago, before the great genre of rock hit our ear passages, the piano was very much about classical concerti. As our musical imagination has progressed through the years, so has the ability of the piano. Although it’s not the piano that has limits only your imagination. Are you ready to rock out like Elton?

Rock music has evolved from rock and roll and is most associated with the electric guitar. However, a complete rock arrangement will involve a vocalist, drums and our beloved piano that all contribute to the mix.

On countless classic rock tracks, the piano has been instrumental in forming many hits, including those by Queen, Whitesnake, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Doors, Guns N’ Roses, and others. And if not the piano then a keyboard has been used, bringing a different modern sound and flavour to the piece.

So, whether you’re a beginner or you’ve already experimented with the piano, why not enjoy some of the best adult rock piano lessons Dubai has to offer? From an inspiring venue in Dubai, you will learn the secrets of how to master the piano – the correct way.

S & C is a sophisticated and creative environment where you can become the pianist you’ve always wanted to be. Each instructor is highly experienced at teaching and performing, ensuring you receive the highest levels of instruction available.

If you want to play the piano but have struggled to find a supportive teacher, or if you have some previous experience and want to enhance your skills, S & C is your answer. Attend the centre and not only will you receive second to none teaching. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet other like-minded students, attend exciting concerts, and master the art of improvisation.

An experienced and competent instructor will teach you the correct technique and methods to suit your level and ability. Even if you can’t read music, the instructors will guide you through the process over the weeks and months ahead. Until he is happy, you know what you are doing.

Remember: Learning the fundamental basics correctly is imperative. It allows you to progress at a steadily, enabling you to continue enjoying lessons, helping you keep on track. And unlike teaching yourself, you’ll gain valuable experience playing alongside others, listening and helping to grow your performance skills and ability to play in a band.