January 17, 2024

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Refining your piano skills, whether for fun or as a serious pursuit, sees a notable improvement when you choose the right accessories carefully.

These important tools not only make playing easier and more enjoyable but also significantly enhance the overall quality of the music.

Suitable for both beginners and seasoned musicians, including these key accessories merits thoughtful consideration for any pianist.

This comprehensive guide deeply delves into essential accessories that elevate performance, safeguard the instrument, and add a personal touch to musical expressions.

We provide a carefully chosen list of essential accessories, each playing a crucial role in the set of tools for every dedicated piano player.

These items are important for enhancing the overall piano-playing experience and ensuring that musicians have what they need to perform at their best.

Stool and piano with music sheet

1. Piano Bench

A necessary part of your piano arrangement, the piano bench is vital in ensuring you can play comfortably with good posture.

Choosing a well-designed bench that can adjust to the right height.

This helps you maintain proper posture and lets you enjoy playing for longer periods without any discomfort.

This essential piece of furniture becomes a reliable companion, creating a space where you can fully engage in the pleasure of playing the piano for extended durations with ease and grace.

Wooden piano with Bach music sheet

2. Music Stand

If your piano doesn’t have a built-in holder for sheet music, getting a separate music stand is essential.

This stand becomes a crucial support, providing a designated spot to securely keep your sheet music or music books.

It makes it easy to reach your musical scores and adds a neat and professional touch to your playing area.

Enhance your practice sessions or performances by ensuring your sheet music is well-displayed and accessible, courtesy of a dependable music stand added to your piano arrangement.

Metronome and music sheet

3. Metronome

A must-have in your musical toolkit, the metronome is a valuable companion for achieving a steady tempo in your piano playing.

It is especially useful during practice sessions, providing essential support for beginners.

As you progress in your musical journey, this device becomes a reliable aid, helping you maintain a consistent beat and refine your sense of timing and rhythm, whether you’re a novice or an experienced player. (Check out this article about why practising with a metronome is important)

Piano with lamp

4. Piano Lamp

Good lighting is important, especially when you’re reading music.

A specific piano lamp can offer focused and adjustable light, making it more convenient to see your music sheets clearly during your piano practice or performances.

It’s a practical addition that improves the overall atmosphere of your playing space and ensures that you can read your music comfortably.

Enhance your piano-playing experience by adding the functionality and sophistication of a dedicated lamp, creating an environment that allows you to enjoy playing with improved visibility and a touch of elegance.

Woman hand turning page of music sheet on piano

5. Sheet Music and Books

An integral part of your piano journey, a diverse collection of music books is indispensable for both the learning process and the joy of playing.

This assortment goes beyond instructional books, providing valuable guidance, to include compilations of songs and pieces catering to various musical tastes and skill levels.

Whether you’re on a quest to refine your skills or simply seeking the pleasure of playing, the availability of a range of sheet music and books ensures a comprehensive and enjoyable musical experience.

With this varied selection, you can explore different genres and styles, allowing for a rich exploration of musical expression at your own pace.

Piano tuning

6. Piano Tuning Tools

For those proud owners of acoustic pianos, having a set of basic tuning tools and acquiring the proficiency to use them effectively is advantageous.

These tools can be instrumental in making minor adjustments, contributing to the maintenance and fine-tuning of your piano’s performance.

While having these resources at your disposal allows for a certain degree of hands-on care, it’s essential to remember that regular professional tuning remains a cornerstone for ensuring the sustained excellence of your instrument.

Complementing occasional DIY adjustments with periodic expert tuning establishes a comprehensive approach to caring for your piano, guaranteeing its optimal and consistent musical quality.

Piano and headphones

7. Headphones

If you’re playing a digital piano, investing in a quality pair of headphones becomes a valuable consideration.

Not only do headphones offer the advantage of private practise, allowing you to immerse yourself in playing without disturbing others, but they also provide a heightened and personal listening experience.

This accessory caters to your individual practise needs and ensures that you can enjoy the nuances of your playing in a more intimate setting.

Sustain pedal

8. Sustain Pedal

While traditional acoustic pianos typically have built-in pedals within their frame, digital pianos or keyboards may not always be equipped with this feature.

The sustain pedal is an essential accessory for digital pianos or keyboards, particularly if they lack built-in pedals like traditional acoustic pianos.

This pedal, also known as the damper pedal, is vital for achieving a more expressive and nuanced playing experience.

Engaging allows notes to be sustained, creating a lingering and resonant sound.

This enhances musical expression, offering digital piano players the opportunity to emulate the nuanced techniques of acoustic pianos.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, adding a sustain pedal to your digital instrument provides versatility and a heightened level of musical expression. (See our article on understanding piano pedalling)

A hand wiping piano keyboards

9. Cleaning Kit

An indispensable tool for maintaining the pristine condition of your piano, a cleaning kit comprises essential items such as a key cleaner, a soft cloth for the piano surface, and polish specifically designed for wooden components.

This comprehensive kit offers a convenient and effective solution for keeping your piano not only visually appealing but also ensuring the longevity of its various parts.

Regular use of the key cleaner helps preserve the cleanliness of the keys, while the soft cloth and wood polish contribute to the overall care and maintenance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and lifespan of your cherished instrument.

Piano with leather cover

10. Piano Cover

Whether you have an upright or grand piano, investing in a piano cover is a prudent measure to safeguard your instrument when it’s not in use.

This protective covering is crucial in shielding the piano from dust, preventing scratches, and maintaining its overall appearance.

A piano cover is more than just a practical accessory; it becomes a reliable guardian for your instrument, ensuring it remains in optimal condition for extended periods of non-use.

Additionally, the cover contributes to preserving the piano’s aesthetic appeal, serving as a simple yet effective means to protect your musical investment for years to come.

Wheel dolly

11. Piano Moving Equipment

When you’re thinking of moving your piano, even if it’s just to another spot in your home, it’s crucial to have the right moving equipment to avoid any potential damage.

This includes special piano dollies, soft moving pads, and sturdy straps. These tools work together to provide protection, preventing scratches and other harm during the move.

While using these tools is a good idea for smaller moves within your home, like shifting the piano within a room, it’s important to know that for bigger moves, especially with larger pianos, it’s a wise choice to get help from professional movers.

They have the experience to ensure your piano gets safely and securely moved, reducing the chances of damage and keeping your treasured musical instrument safe.


12. Portable Amp

Some digital pianos and keyboards may not have strong built-in speakers, and in some cases, they might not have any speakers.

In such situations, a portable amp is a sensible choice for individuals who require additional volume to be audible in group settings or alongside other instruments.

Moreover, it is an excellent option for pianists who wish to practise or perform without the constraints of being plugged into a power source.


It is important to remember that while the aforementioned accessories can certainly elevate your overall piano-playing experience, not every item may be deemed essential for every player.

Making informed choices about accessories should be guided by a consideration of your unique needs, the type of piano you own, and your proficiency level.

Understanding the individualised requirements of your playing style, instrument specifications, and personal preferences becomes crucial in determining the accessories that best complement your musical journey.

As you explore the various accessories, select the ones that align with your goals and contribute to your enjoyment and skill development in piano playing.

Ensure each addition serves a purpose in enhancing your overall experience. Consider enrolling in piano lessons at S & C Music to refine your piano skills further.

With our dedicated instruction and tailored approach, we aim to provide valuable insights and guidance on your musical journey. With the support of S & C Music, we are committed to helping you enhance your piano skills and deepen your appreciation for the art of playing.

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