April 26, 2024

About the Author: Bahaa

Bahaa is our esteemed piano instructor at S&C Music, dedicated to guiding his students towards achieving their highest musical potential. Bahaa is also a composer with numerous of his own piano works.

We all remember the Corona and COVID-19 pandemic, when the world was almost closed and all the centres where human interaction took place, whether it was schools, universities, stores, malls, etc.

Therefore, most students in universities and schools have resorted to completing their studies online. Indeed, many exams were presented online. This time period had many positives, as there was plenty of time to discover talents, read books, or learn a lot.

Therefore, some people resorted to studying music through YouTube, the Google search engine, or online lessons with a music professor.

Therefore, let us learn about the benefits of distance learning, whether it has become popular these days, and whether it can be better than real-time study or lessons in which students are present in the classroom.

A man watching youtube tutorial of piano playing

Online music classes may work for a while.

You can learn music theory and basic information, but as you advance in level, you will urgently need high-quality in-person piano lessons.

For example, suppose you are taking online piano lessons. No matter how clear the video is and how well you can hear the sound, you must take in-person lessons because everything will be different: your sitting position and how you touch the piano keys.

You hear the natural sound when your teacher plays the piano. In addition, you get out of the state of isolation, where if you are thinking about performing a musical evening in front of an audience, you must play in front of your teacher face to face and get used to playing in front of the audience, whether they are teachers or students.

In addition, there are playing techniques that you cannot perform unless a music professor is present with you in the same session. He will perform them in front of your eyes and guide you to the correct sitting and position of the hands on the piano and the position of the fingers on the keys as well in the first step.

But on the other hand, there are positives to distance learning:

First, the costs of learning online or via the Internet are always less financially burdensome.

Second, you don’t need to travel to other countries to study your field or specialty; you can learn from your own country or even from home.

These two aspects are the most important in the field of distance learning and online learning via the Internet.

Teacher and student having piano lesson


Therefore, I advise you to continue in-person learning, even if it is more expensive. It is more beneficial scientifically, experientially, and psychologically. In contrast, as I mentioned, distance learning remains a secondary option for emergencies, such as insufficient funds, inability to travel, or global pandemics. God forbid.

Some academic references, whether in music or any other area, are not always available online and must be purchased from music institutes or libraries.

Certainly, YouTube has now become one of the best teachers for many music enthusiasts. There are thousands of educational videos in the field of music, and there is high demand from self-learners or those looking for lower-cost and lower-effort options. This is a very flexible aspect of distance learning via the Internet.

In return, it brings a lot of money to YouTubers, as many people make a living through the YouTube platform and educational mobile applications available on the latest iPhones. This generates a lot of money for the designers of these applications.

However, most of these educational applications cannot be used on mobile phones unless you pay through a bank account, which can be quite expensive.

Therefore, traditional teaching methods will help you, especially when you reach an advanced stage of study or practice and inevitably need in-person lessons.

Man playing piano


We are entering a highly advanced era in terms of visual technology, artificial intelligence, social media, etc., all of which require a very modern mobile phone and the presence of the Internet in the first place.

Many people today generate profits by working in the field of the Internet and social media, such as Facebook, by creating pages that rely on views to earn money.

Artificial intelligence has become used in almost all fields, such as drawing, design, engineering, and decoration, and even in music, such as authorship, cinematic montage, and high-quality, high-resolution embedded short films.

Therefore, I expect that technology will sweep the world, but it cannot stand on its own feet if it is not based on traditional basics, whether in the field of education or any other field.

Intelligence lies in the balance between imagination, knowledge and truth or between the intangible and the tangible, natural and permanent reality.

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