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About Bahaa

Bahaa is our esteemed piano instructor at S&C Music, dedicated to guiding his students towards achieving their highest musical potential. Bahaa is also a composer with numerous of his own piano works.

Western Orchestras and Eastern Orchestras


In the world of musical performance, an orchestra is a distinguished assembly of musicians. This arrangement allows for a diverse range of musical textures and dynamics, resulting in the rich and intricate sound typical of orchestral music. Each section plays a vital role, with strings providing the foundation, woodwinds adding colour, brass offering power, and percussion enhancing rhythm and emphasis. The composition and size of an orchestra can vary, but they typically consist of four main sections: 1.⁠ Strings: Violins, violas, cellos, and double basses 2. Woodwinds: Flutes, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons 3. Brass: Trumpets, horns, trombones, and tubas 4. Percussion: [...]

Western Orchestras and Eastern Orchestras2024-06-07T09:42:18+01:00

Piano lessons in Dubai: Institute or Online?


We all remember the Corona and COVID-19 pandemic, when the world was almost closed and all the centres where human interaction took place, whether it was schools, universities, stores, malls, etc. Therefore, most students in universities and schools have resorted to completing their studies online. Indeed, many exams were presented online. This time period had many positives, as there was plenty of time to discover talents, read books, or learn a lot. Therefore, some people resorted to studying music through YouTube, the Google search engine, or online lessons with a music professor. Therefore, let us learn about the benefits of distance [...]

Piano lessons in Dubai: Institute or Online?2024-04-29T15:08:57+01:00

10 Piano Classics You Should Learn as a Pianist


There are many piano compositions that agree with each other, even though they are from different composers and from different musical eras as well. If you are a piano student and study music academically, your piano teacher must have given you several piano works to prepare for the exam. It must be noted here that an experienced and good piano teacher will give you piano pieces that are different from each other but compatible in terms of enhancing your skill in playing the piano and expanding your understanding of classical or non-classical music. Let us then give a clear example of [...]

10 Piano Classics You Should Learn as a Pianist2024-04-11T18:02:26+01:00

How to Get Started with Composing on the Piano


Most of the most famous music composers, ancient and contemporary, rely primarily on the piano in their compositions. Imagine that the template of a symphony could be arranged with all precision and skill on the piano, as the great composer Franz Liszt did when he arranged Beethoven's Fifth Symphony on the piano, and this was one of his most important achievements as a pianist and an important composer. Therefore, the piano is the basic and main instrument in the orchestra, so that every orchestra depends on it in the tuning process. You have certainly listened to the most famous international songs [...]

How to Get Started with Composing on the Piano2024-04-08T21:16:33+01:00

An Introduction to Understanding Musical Composition


When you listen to music that has a high feeling and affects you deep down. You must be wondering about the name of the composer of this music and also wondering how he could create such music. Therefore, I will provide you with a sufficient explanation of music composition on the piano, what inspiration is, and how we can employ it in creating music and piano pieces. Musical composition is the transfer and transformation of impressions, feelings, ideas, and philosophy hidden in the depths of the human self into musical melodies and compositions to be recorded within the musical alphabet until [...]

An Introduction to Understanding Musical Composition2024-03-26T18:28:46+00:00

Ways to Get Out of a Piano Rut


After a year of practice, many piano learners face the problem of stopping at a certain level and being unable to improve beyond it. In fact, this can initially be attributed to the role of talent. But if you look closely at this problem, you will often see that it is due to poor and ill-considered training methods, and perhaps one of the teachers giving you lessons is not skilled or even untalented. Let us now learn about four steps about the most important innovative methods for developing the pianist’s skill, refining his talent, and expanding his philosophical musical understandings to [...]

Ways to Get Out of a Piano Rut2024-03-11T11:09:40+00:00

8 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Piano


Each of us looks at the piano as a complex and difficult instrument, but it is not necessary to learn to play the piano to be a professional. The piano combines simplicity and professionalism, so young children, as well as the elderly, can learn to play very simple and calm pieces on the piano. This will, of course, bring them many health, psychological, physical, and mental benefits. Let's learn about some of these benefits. Psychological Benefits: Reason #1: Playing the piano helps significantly relieve anxiety, stress, frustration, and all the negative feelings that we experience daily. This is also suitable for [...]

8 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Piano2024-03-06T19:33:58+00:00

What is a Piano in Music?


Each of us once wished that he could play the most famous and magical instrument among all musical instruments, which is the piano. Come, let us learn more about this instrument, how it works when it was designed, and let us take a quick overview of the musical scales. The piano is a Western stringed instrument. Sound is produced by wooden hammers inside it that strike the strings, and the sound is produced in response to this collision. The piano contains 8 octaves, which means 88 musical keys. Fifty-two white keys and 36 black keys, and the octave consists of eight [...]

What is a Piano in Music?2024-03-06T19:30:14+00:00

How To Practise The Piano Properly: 10 Proven Piano Practise Tips You Need To Know


Practise. Do it regularly, preferably every day, and you can be great. You already know this. What you might not know is that the quality of your practise is far more important than the amount of practise. It's proven by medical and educational research that if you get it right, you learn much faster. So, how to practise the piano properly? Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your practiae and improve your piano playing. 1. Set a Specific Goal for Every Session Decide what you want to achieve and make it something you can measure. [...]

How To Practise The Piano Properly: 10 Proven Piano Practise Tips You Need To Know2024-02-23T14:18:19+00:00


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