December 15, 2018

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert is the co-owner of S & C. He is passionate about helping adults learn how to play the piano. He truly believes that no one is too old or not talented enough. He also manages The London Piano Institute located in the City of London. You can contact Stefan at or

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano?

Have you felt that somehow you are just not talented enough?

Are you feeling too old to even start?

Is it even possible to play the piano?

These are all good questions and I understand why you are asking them.

Learning to play the piano can certainly be a daunting pursuit and you obviously do not want to fail!

The fact of the matter is you are searching, and you want to make your dreams come true!

The great thing is that we, at S & C, know exactly how to inspire and teach you to play the piano!

It is true that learning to play the piano will take a lot of time and effort and you will need to practice on a daily basis.

Learning to play can definitely be achieved regardless of your age!

At S & C, we always make sure that you learn how to play the piano using the correct technique, sound and mindset from your very first lesson!

By learning with the correct technique, you will not need to re-learn the instrument in the future and you will get to play your favourite songs so much faster!

Stefan Joubert teaching piano

Stefan Joubert teaching piano to Davide

Step 1 to learning how to play the piano: take world-class piano lessons!

The first step towards learning how to play the piano is to take world-class piano lessons with a renowned piano Academy or excellent instructor.

The fact is, learning how to play the piano is a complex process.

It is a complex instrument to play.

Playing well requires a multitude of disciplines all working together towards a single aim.

That is why, cheap or less-than-adequate piano instruction is always a bad idea!

Even learning how to play the piano online is generally a terrible idea. (Unless it is via FaceTime or Skype with an excellent instructor!)

The fact is you need someone who can help you understand the intricacies of playing the piano.

Developing correct habits and excellent technique cannot be achieved by accident.

The only way to achieve this on the piano is through world-class piano education.

An important warning: if you pick up bad habits and less-than-adequate technique, then you will have to re-learn the instrument and rebuild your playing. This is not advised!

Yes, it is true, you do not need any talent to start, but you do need excellent quality education.

At S & C, you can be assured of getting the highest quality piano education offered in The United Arab Emirates today.

So make sure you get step one right to help you towards your goal of learning how to play the piano!

Man practicing the piano

Practice the piano for at least 15 minutes a day!

Step 2 to learning how to play the piano: practice every day for at least 15 minutes

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers he states that 10,000 hours will help you to become a master!

Although the exact number is debatable, the idea still holds true.

The more time you spend at the piano, the better you will become at playing this gorgeous instrument.

The more hours of lessons you take per week, the quicker you will learn.

Learning to play well requires discipline and time.

Your brain needs to understand how to execute properly on the instrument.

New neural pathways have to be well-formed and you need to ingrain technical habits as well as theoretical concepts.

The great news is, at S & C we know exactly how to help you achieve that!

Therefore, in order to achieve success, you need to select a time to practice every day for at least five days each week.

Practice makes permanent, and the correct practice will make you a success!

At S & C, we make absolutely sure that you learn using the correct technique and methodology!

With us, your piano success is in excellent hands!

Man with a goal

Set goals and achieve your dreams!

Step 3 to learning how to play the piano: Have a goal – begin with the end in mind!

Beginning with the end in mind will help fuel the fire when times are tough!

This is what I mean:

If you have a goal, an ideal picture of how you want to play in your mind, then it is so much easier to keep going when things get tough.

The truth is, when you first start out learning how to play, it is relatively easy.

You are pretty excited about your piano lessons.

But as time goes by, you realise that you are not progressing quite as fast as you have hoped. (To be honest, your expectations are unrealistic at the stage as you do not know what it will take to learn!)

Frustration kicks in…

You may not even feel like practising at this stage.

That is why you need to have an end goal (without a specific timeframe) in mind.

An ideal goal, an ideal picture of what you want your piano playing future to be!

Do not put a timeframe to it – otherwise, you will be disappointed!

The basic rule is: we overestimate what we can achieve in the short run and we underestimate what we can achieve in the long run!

That is why you should not put a timeframe.

You should, however, have a goal in front of your mind so that you can keep going even when progress is slow.

Another factor to consider is that progress is unfortunately not linear. (In the short run.)

Similar to a graph of the US or Indian stock market, your progress will go up and down and eventually up!

You just have to keep going and be persistent.

Again, that is why you need to have a goal in mind!

The great thing about studying at S & C is that we can help you stay on track and we can inspire you on a weekly basis!

We also organise concerts and can help you pass the graded examinations if you would like to take the exams. (You do not need to take the exams – but if you want to we can help you pass and take the graded examinations!)

So, begin with the end in mind!

Everything else will follow on from there!

I wish you the greatest success in your journey to becoming the pianist you deserve to be!

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