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About Sonja Joubert

Sonja Joubert is a master pianist classically trained by the late master Mr Josias Van Der Merwe and the late Adolph Hallis. She is also an excellent piano teacher with over 35 years of teaching experience specialising in both jazz and classical piano.

How to resolve technical issues in your piano playing


First of all, one has to realise that technical issues always have to do with muscles and movement of fingers, wrists, arms etc. A lot can be done with relaxation and of course, the only way to really resolve technical issues is by one thing called: practice, practice, practise... But one needs to understand how and what to practise in your piece to be able to conquer a passage or part of your piece which you are studying. There can be many technical issues in one piece. Here are but a few technical issues that you can find in most advanced [...]

How to resolve technical issues in your piano playing2020-02-11T10:35:58+00:00

The art of performing the piano in public


Lets before going any further, discuss the word “art”. It implies that there is creativity used or a specific skill when doing public performances, that we can study and apply so as to ensure a good performance and the enjoyment of your playing. Even more important that your audience enjoys the music and are captured into a beautiful world or canvas of sound, colour and emotions. First of all, there is the absolute need of having mastered your piece or pieces of music. Of course, the level of performance required differs - whether you are playing as an amateur or as [...]

The art of performing the piano in public2020-02-01T21:19:59+00:00


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