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Learning piano as an adult

8 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Piano


Each of us looks at the piano as a complex and difficult instrument, but it is not necessary to learn to play the piano to be a professional. The piano combines simplicity and professionalism, so young children, as well as the elderly, can learn to play very simple and calm pieces on the piano. This will, of course, bring them many health, psychological, physical, and mental benefits. Let's learn about some of these benefits. Psychological Benefits: Reason #1: Playing the piano helps significantly relieve anxiety, stress, frustration, and all the negative feelings that we experience daily. This is also suitable for [...]

8 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Piano2024-03-06T19:33:58+00:00

How To Practise The Piano Properly: 10 Proven Piano Practise Tips You Need To Know


Practise. Do it regularly, preferably every day, and you can be great. You already know this. What you might not know is that the quality of your practise is far more important than the amount of practise. It's proven by medical and educational research that if you get it right, you learn much faster. So, how to practise the piano properly? Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your practiae and improve your piano playing. 1. Set a Specific Goal for Every Session Decide what you want to achieve and make it something you can measure. [...]

How To Practise The Piano Properly: 10 Proven Piano Practise Tips You Need To Know2024-02-23T14:18:19+00:00

Can I Learn to Play Piano at Age 40?


In a world where music knows no age limits, the question lingers for many: "Can I learn to play the piano at age 40?" As the years go by, passions and dreams can sometimes take a backseat to life's demands. However, the desire to create beautiful melodies and immerse oneself in the world of music remains timeless. In this article, we explore the journey of pursuing a musical dream later in life, providing insights, tips, and encouragement for those who are considering taking their first steps toward mastering the piano at the age of 40 and beyond. Find a Good Teacher [...]

Can I Learn to Play Piano at Age 40?2023-11-22T13:26:34+00:00


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