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Musical knowledge

10 Piano Classics You Should Learn as a Pianist


There are many piano compositions that agree with each other, even though they are from different composers and from different musical eras as well. If you are a piano student and study music academically, your piano teacher must have given you several piano works to prepare for the exam. It must be noted here that an experienced and good piano teacher will give you piano pieces that are different from each other but compatible in terms of enhancing your skill in playing the piano and expanding your understanding of classical or non-classical music. Let us then give a clear example of [...]

10 Piano Classics You Should Learn as a Pianist2024-04-11T18:02:26+01:00

What is a Piano in Music?


Each of us once wished that he could play the most famous and magical instrument among all musical instruments, which is the piano. Come, let us learn more about this instrument, how it works when it was designed, and let us take a quick overview of the musical scales. The piano is a Western stringed instrument. Sound is produced by wooden hammers inside it that strike the strings, and the sound is produced in response to this collision. The piano contains 8 octaves, which means 88 musical keys. Fifty-two white keys and 36 black keys, and the octave consists of eight [...]

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