January 15, 2020

About the Author: Saman

Saman Partovi is a highly experienced pianist and piano teacher who started piano when she was 10. She has over 10 years of successful teaching experience with children and adults and over 10 years of performing experience in classical and traditional music. Her performances include a series of solo, concerts in the United Kingdom. She has also collaborated with many other instrumentalists and singers throughout her many years of performing and teaching. She offers a coordinated approach to piano instruction for beginning and intermediate students and prepares children for ABRSM and Trinity exams such as pieces, sight-reading, Aural training, scales and theory.

Attending a jazz concert performed at House of Pianos on Friday 1st November was a great experience for me!

The jazz band that included piano, drums and double bass was joined by a fantastic female jazz singer in the second part of the performance.

The pianist called Samvel Gasparyan, especially caught my attention. The double bass player was also fantastic and extremely professional. As a result, the three musicians were perfectly synchronised.

The singer’s voice was beautiful too!

They did something interesting in the middle of the concert. In one of the songs, the pianist started to clap and invited the audience to join him. We all started to clap. It was entertaining and hugely enjoyable to be part of the performance and responsible for the beats and rhythms!

Before this concert, I was not too much into jazz, but this performance caught me!

The swing and syncopation, improvisation, bend notes and modes made the whole performance truly exceptional!

This jazz evening was wonderfully arranged, and I truly enjoyed it!

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