March 16, 2021

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Are you one of those adults who love to listen to classical music? Are you thinking or wanting to learn and eventually play a classical piece on a piano? Some think that performing a classical piece as an adult is impossible unless you were born as a piano prodigy who started learning the instrument even before learning how to speak. This is actually not true. There are countless numbers of classical pieces in the music world and there are pieces that are plausible to learn and play at every level.

Learning the piano as an adult is not as difficult as most people think it is. In fact, there are advantages when you study it at a senior stage of life. If you are looking for ways to learn classical piano as an adult, keep reading this article because we will be discussing what you can do to help you learn classical piano more efficiently as an adult.

man writing on his music sheet

Learn the Basics of Music

When you learn the English language, you need to know the alphabet to create words, and then use those words to construct sentences, Then the time comes when you will be able to deliver a message. Music, like language, has an alphabet too, the tones, which most people commonly known as the do-re-mi or what is called the Sol-fa syllables. You use these notes to create a melody and harmony to make music which then you will be able to interpret a song or a piece.

Learning the basics of music theory for beginners is very essential as it will be the tool to help you learn and understand music. Note reading should be learned first and foremost so that a learner can read and play a music piece effectively.

woman playing the piano

Make time for Piano Practice

Aside from understanding how to read and play the notes, you also need to learn the proper way to play the instrument. When you sit in front of the piano, you need to observe correct posture and play with the right technique to avoid any kind of injury. Sitting with your back straight and your arms level with the piano keys should be applied as soon as possible. The best way to check your posture is by getting a piano teacher because they can see and help you be aware of your body posture when seated in front of the piano.

Because piano playing is a skill, enhancing it takes time. You need to train yourself with the instrument as much as possible to effectively learn how to play it and consistently improve. It is advised to practice the piano every day for at least 30 minutes so that you will be familiarized with the piano keys and develop your muscle memory.

As an adult it can be challenging to find practice time and it is understandable. But when you are able to get used to practice on a regular basis, your progress will come in no time.

hand pressing the piano keys

Invest on a Good Quality Piano

During the period of classical era (1730 – 1820), the pieces for the piano were all composed and were played on an acoustic piano. There were no electronic pianos until the late 1920s.

Classical piano pieces can get very technical and when you play them on an electronic piano, the sound produced is not the same because an electronic piano does not have the mechanism of an acoustic piano. The tone production is not accurate as well, as the electronic piano has no strings unlike the acoustic piano. The pieces for the piano during the classical era are usually very technical when it gets to a certain level. So, as someone who wants to learn classical piano, you should study and practice on a good quality acoustic piano so that you will develop the right technique, which will help you in learning more advanced pieces.

As a piano learner, you would want to get the most out of your classical piano learning, and it is best to own a good quality acoustic piano that will develop you to acquire the skills meant for acoustic piano playing. One of the perks of owning your own piano is that it gives you access to the instrument anytime of the day and you can decide whenever you want to practice and arrange your practice time to fit in your busy schedule.

man enjoying playing the piano

Enjoy Learning the Instrument

The piano is a very wonderful instrument. It can create so many possibilities, because unlike most instruments, the piano can create more than just one note, it can produce more than just a melody. It can create an accompaniment for singing, or you can do another melody or counter melody together with the main melody because you can play up to 10 notes at a time (for one person).

Whether you are learning the piano as a beginner or as an advanced piano player, it is important to enjoy the music that you study and play. Learning the piano may not be simple in the beginning, but is very rewarding when you see results of your patience and hard work. It takes some time to learn the piano, so it is important to enjoy the journey.

woman practicing the piano

Find an Excellent Teacher

If you want to learn something, it is most efficient to learn from a good teacher. Taking lessons from a piano teacher is the best decision that every piano learner can ever make because when you learn from a teacher, you will gain knowledge from a person who has years of experience in playing and teaching the instrument. A piano teacher’s role is to guide the student and teach according to the student’s learning style. It is beneficial that you have someone who will monitor your learning and will help you improve in ways that are most suitable for you.

Learning classical piano is very possible for learners of all ages. All you need is dedication, discipline and find an excellent piano teacher who will guide you to become the best musician that you can ever be.

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