March 31, 2021

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Are you one of those piano enthusiasts who got disconnected from their passion because of transitioning to a new and different path for their lives? Old routines of spending time for a hobby like training for a sport or playing an instrument got hindered because of a hectic and busy schedule? Maybe you are thinking there is no way to play the piano again anymore at your age. Do not fret, getting back to playing the instrument as an adult is not impossible at all! You just need to find your passion and know the ways to ignite it up again.

In this article, you will be reading about what you can do to motivate yourself and help you find your way back to that passion of yours for the piano.

woman listening to music

Listen More to Your Favorite Pieces

Listening to music has an emotional and mental influence on us, as it can speak to us or give us messages depending on what we listen to. It can either make us feel better or worse, so, we have to choose wisely, for listening to music is indeed food for the soul. When we listen to our favorite songs or pieces, it can change our mood or feelings, make us become inspired and motivated to do something that we don’t usually feel like doing.

As an adult who wants to get back to piano playing, listening to those pieces that you learned from the past, and those that you want to learn next, can give you inspiration to get back to piano playing and learn and play them on the piano. It will fire up again the passion inside of you, as it can be a reminder of those days when you were having a good time nailing those impressive and advanced piano pieces during your younger years.

Listening to the interpretations of a piece by other music artists, can also provide discoveries and learning for your knowledge of the piano. It can give you suggestions and insights about a certain piece and can even enlighten you more about the composer.

woman practicing the piano

Play and Practice Your Old Pieces Again

Aside from listening to your favorite pieces, relearning your old pieces can also encourage you to get back to piano playing because it will make you relive those times when you were still learning and when you were enjoying the times being occupied with playing the instrument. It can motivate you as well to improve those pieces that you think need more learning and practice, which can also inspire you to become better in piano playing.

Reviewing your old pieces will make you think again about the reasons why you studied the instrument when you were younger. Your skill in playing the piano may get rusty but it does not mean that you cannot play the instrument again. Relearning a skill as an adult can be challenging but it is not impossible. Just keep in mind it will take some time and effort, and it is also good to remind yourself of the reason why you want to get back into piano playing, revitalising your passion for playing the piano.

grand piano on stage

Watch Live Performances

As an adult who used to play the piano during his or her younger years, exposing yourself more to the instrument can give you the feeling of longing to get back to piano playing because it will remind you of how much you enjoy playing the piano. The more you expose yourself to the piano, the more you will become inspired to play the instrument.

Listening to piano songs from your media can inspire you to return to piano playing, but watching concerts and performances is a different story. It is a whole lot better. Watching someone play the piano live gives you more than just hearing the music that he or she is producing with the instrument. When you actually see the performer and notice the impressive skill and mastery, you will think and wonder how much hard work that performer has invested to be able to nail everything and perform in front of a crowd. It is truly amazing and extremely inspiring to witness the result of someone’s fruit of their labour.

pianist and violinist playing

Find a Community of Musicians

Piano is commonly regarded as a solo instrument, but playing the instrument does not mean you have to be alone on your music journey. It is actually possible to get connected with other musicians by getting involved in music classes/lessons or performing in events in your community. It is more enjoyable and will give you a pleasant time when you are surrounded and supported with like-minded people, who have the same vision when it comes to getting (back) to piano playing. To be connected with them is helpful to getting back to piano playing, because they can give you support and motivation.

Another way to be connected with other musicians is by joining bands or any group performance opportunities because when you commit yourself to perform with other people, it will not only establish more connections in the music community, but will also push you to enhance your skill to improve as you will be performing with other musicians.

man playing the piano

Take Piano Lessons from an Excellent Teacher

One of the best ways to be driven to become better in piano playing, is to have someone who will motivate and help you to improve. Taking piano lessons is highly recommended even for those who want to get back to piano playing as an adult, because being an adult piano learner can be challenging because of tight and demanding schedules.

If you are a piano enthusiast who wants to improve your piano playing, it is essential to learn from an excellent teacher, because it is better to learn from a professional who has years of experience in providing knowledge about the instrument than learning it alone without any guidance. Piano teachers are well experienced and equipped to provide knowledge and guidance to all levels of piano learners.

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