September 25, 2020

About the Author: Celine Gaurier-Joubert

Celine Gaurier-Joubert is the founder and director of S & C, The British Music Academy and The London Piano Institute. Thanks to her outstanding knowledge and experience, she is a reference in terms of music education for adults. If you are interested in enrolling at S & C, please contact her directly at

JimThroughout the years I always had a dream of learning to play the piano but life, raising a family, and moving all over the world for my career always seemed to keep this dream at bay.

Finally, now in my late 50s and living in Dubai, I decided it was time to do something special “for me” and I began the search for the right instructor.

I was so happy when I came upon Stefan Joubert’s company S & C Music as they specifically catered for adults.

I came into this knowing that I wanted to learn to play, but not really knowing much more than that.

From our first lesson, Stefan took the time to talk to me, to help me figure out what I wanted out of this experience, and to help me determine how much time and effort I actually had available to make this dream of mine a reality.

Stefan customized a lesson plan tailored specifically for me that was both easy and fun to follow.

I’ve always enjoyed the blues and always admired folks who could just sit down at a keyboard and play a soulful melody.

So that’s what Stefan and I concentrated on as we began my journey.

I literally could not believe how good I was sounding after a couple of weeks.

As a beginner, I knew going in that this would not always be easy, but I was amazed at how good I was sounding in such a short period of time.

I say this not to demonstrate how quick of a learner I am… I’m not, believe me!

I was progressing quickly because I was being taught the right way.

I was learning what I wanted to learn….it made sense to me….but most importantly I was doing so well because it was just plain fun.

I owe this all to Stefan and his expertise as an instructor.

During this first year of taking lessons, I would meet with Stefan at S & C Music once a week which was very easy and accessible.

Stefan’s flexible and worked around my sometimes hectic work schedule which made things even better.

Stefan has several outstanding instructors who can fit into my schedule if my work gets too crazy.

One such instructor Sonya, steps in when my schedule hampers my usual lessons with Stefan.

Sonya has really helped me progress, supplying me with practice drills that really help my confidence.

Things were going along just great then COVID hit worldwide along with the government-mandated meeting restrictions that went along with this pandemic.

I was fearful that my lesson plan would suffer.

But, Stefan didn’t miss a beat and we quickly changed to an online lesson plan which we maintain to this very day.

Online piano learning is easy with Stefan as your instructor.

I get 100% out of each lesson and I actually find it more comfortable learning online these days.

Simply put, Stefan and his staff are great instructors, but they are also really nice people who make you feel comfortable and have fun.

Taking lessons and practising is still really enjoyable to me and I’ve been at it over a year.

It’s easy to stay motivated when you continue to see real progress.

And it’s even easier to stay motivated when your friends and family see the progress!

If a guy that’s almost 60 can have fun beginning the piano with these guys, I’m sure you can too.

Best find I’ve made in Dubai.

Good luck and enjoy,
Jim Allen

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