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classical piano

Western Orchestras and Eastern Orchestras


In the world of musical performance, an orchestra is a distinguished assembly of musicians. This arrangement allows for a diverse range of musical textures and dynamics, resulting in the rich and intricate sound typical of orchestral music. Each section plays a vital role, with strings providing the foundation, woodwinds adding colour, brass offering power, and percussion enhancing rhythm and emphasis. The composition and size of an orchestra can vary, but they typically consist of four main sections: 1.⁠ Strings: Violins, violas, cellos, and double basses 2. Woodwinds: Flutes, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons 3. Brass: Trumpets, horns, trombones, and tubas 4. Percussion: [...]

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10 Piano Classics You Should Learn as a Pianist


There are many piano compositions that agree with each other, even though they are from different composers and from different musical eras as well. If you are a piano student and study music academically, your piano teacher must have given you several piano works to prepare for the exam. It must be noted here that an experienced and good piano teacher will give you piano pieces that are different from each other but compatible in terms of enhancing your skill in playing the piano and expanding your understanding of classical or non-classical music. Let us then give a clear example of [...]

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Exploring Different Piano Playing Styles and Genres


Welcome to the world of the piano, a truly extraordinary musical companion that has shaped diverse music genres with its versatile melodies. From classical elegance to the rhythmic vibes of jazz, the energetic beats of rock, and the futuristic tones of electronic music, the piano's influence is unmistakable. Understanding the Piano Before we start our musical journey across different styles, let's appreciate the piano itself. This versatile keyboard is known for its wide range, letting musicians play both melody and harmony together. With 88 keys, each making a unique sound, the piano's flexibility allows it to express a wide range of [...]

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