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What To Expect When You Decided To Study The Piano


One of the most beautiful instruments ever created is the piano. Its versatility is so broad that it can produce wondrous and magnificent music that can touch a person's soul ; Which makes sense, because music is the soul's language. Music may certainly make us feel better. Not only by hearing it, but also by making it. Making music is a great way to relax and unwind. So, what steps do you need to take to learn to play the piano? There are various methods for learning the instrument, but taking piano lessons is one of the most effective. If you [...]

What To Expect When You Decided To Study The Piano2022-01-07T09:05:04+00:00

Can I learn piano on my own?


Are you a piano enthusiast who wants to learn how to play the piano? Are you looking for ways to learn it and wondering if you can learn the instrument on your own? Maybe you have seen advertisements online that promote piano learning on your own through videos or mobile apps. The piano is a very beautiful instrument and being able to play it can give huge amounts of pleasure but learning the piano on your own is not advisable as it will only give unsatisfying results which can cause frustrations. As the internet is conveniently accessible at any time of [...]

Can I learn piano on my own?2021-04-12T09:29:33+01:00

Absolutely anybody can learn how to play the piano!


Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano? Have you felt that somehow you are just not talented enough? Are you feeling too old to even start? Is it even possible to play the piano? These are all good questions and I understand why you are asking them. Learning to play the piano can certainly be a daunting pursuit and you obviously do not want to fail! The fact of the matter is you are searching, and you want to make your dreams come true! The great thing is that we, at S & C, know exactly how to inspire [...]

Absolutely anybody can learn how to play the piano!2019-08-09T20:47:05+01:00


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