February 3, 2021

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Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to learn how to play the piano: From face-to-face lessons to online video tutorials up to interactive mobile apps. It won’t harm to try and explore different methods; on the contrary, it will make you more knowledgeable about the various possibilities presented to you to learn how to play the piano.

However, it is advised to stick to the learning style that suits you best.

The right or wrong method can either make or break your piano learning, so it is essential to select the option that you think is the most appropriate in your specific situation.

Please consider the three options below.

man playing the grand piano with an ipad

Online Courses

Online courses are very accessible and extremely convenient for everyone. You don’t need to worry about getting completely dressed up or even shower before attending the course. And no need to bother commuting to the site of learning.

It is fantastic as it is only a few clicks away; you can decide when to study the pre-recorded material and focus on the lesson of your choice. Sounds practical, doesn’t it?

Online courses also allow you to learn at your own pace since you can watch the video materials whenever you want. Perfect for someone who has a tight schedule.

It teaches you to learn independently as you must manage your time and study entirely on your own.


Online courses can be taken at any time, and you can choose the lesson you wish to focus on. You have many options to learn from like choosing what pieces to learn and what topics to study.


Many would opt for modern online methods because they sound promising. They are advertised as the “magical solution” that can give you results in just a few weeks, but they neither provide excellent education nor equip you with the tools to become an excellent pianist.
They are, indeed, numerous lessons to choose from, but they are not tailored to your specific needs. Also, your progress cannot be monitored individually by any teacher or instructor.

man about to press the piano keys

One-to-one Piano Lessons

One of the advantages of one-to-one online piano lessons compared to online piano courses is that you study directly with a piano teacher.
Your piano lessons can either take place via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. You can see your teacher demonstrate some piano playing techniques. Your teacher, likewise, can also see and hear you play the piano. He or she can point out corrections and give you tips whenever it is needed.

The lessons are personalised since your piano teacher can guide you and teach you accordingly to your learning style.

Online piano lessons are also convenient because you don’t need to commute to your piano teacher. It gives you more preparation time as you can warm up just before starting the sessions.

You also have the advantage of using your own piano. No need to worry about using an unfamiliar instrument.


You study with a piano teacher who can teach and guide you accordingly to your abilities and personality.
Your teacher can see you, teach you some techniques and remind you to observe proper posture.

The lessons are tailored specifically to you. Your teacher knows where you are at and what the aspects of your piano playing that need more work.

You are studying in the comfort of your home on your own instrument.


Your teacher will not be able to show you all the proper techniques because they cannot guide you in person. Remember that not all techniques can be taught through video calling; some techniques need to be demonstrated in front of the student to be fully understood.
Another issue is musicality and tone quality. Both are important and cannot be taught easily through online lessons.

woman having her piano lesson

Traditional Piano Lessons

The best way to learn the piano is through traditional piano lessons, where you go to your teacher to have face-to-face classes.

During traditional piano lessons, you have the advantage of being taught and guided fully, from proper technique to musicality, and so much more. Online piano learning sadly cannot offer you some of these privileges. You essentially learn all the tips and tricks from an excellent piano teacher.

Also, performing for your piano teacher is an excellent practice to learn how to play in front of an audience. Your teacher can also guide you and help you lessen your anxiety by boosting your confidence.

Traditional piano lessons also teach you commitment and discipline because you have to attend your lessons regularly.


The exchange of thoughts in a traditional piano lesson is prompt and it makes each session extremely valuable.

You will effectively learn about technique and musicality that cannot be taught through online learning.

In these modern times where almost everything is accessible through the internet, I would personally advise any student to go for traditional piano lessons. It is the best method for you to maximize your piano learning as you can be taught by an excellent piano teacher.


You need to prepare ahead of time as you have to travel to your teacher.

You need to commit regularly and be on time as a slot is allocated to you.

They are just small compromises in exchange for the great benefits of learning the piano in person with a fantastic piano teacher.

The Verdict

Whether you learn through online video calling or face-to-face piano lessons, it is always best to learn directly from a piano teacher. Technology may provide fast information but learning the piano is an art that cannot be mastered without the support of an excellent piano teacher. Learning from a piano teacher not only gives you a lot of knowledge but also provides the correct and suitable learning that is tailored for you. So, look for the best institute that offers excellent piano learning and start shaping the pianist in you!

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