February 16, 2021

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Are you a piano enthusiast who wish to learn more about piano playing and eventually take piano lessons?

Did you know that there are some ways to make your piano lessons more efficient and productive?

Keep reading to discover the 7 secrets to make your piano lessons successful.

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Practise Regularly

Regular practice creates “miracles”. Practising regularly is essential as mastering a musical instrument doesn’t happen overnight. When learning how to play the piano, you need time to improve your motor skills and several hours of practice to get accustomed to the instrument.

Sadly, some piano learners do not understand the importance of regular practice. They give up fairly quickly because they don’t feel they are making enough progress. It is pretty normal since they did not make much effort to see any difference in their abilities.

It is essential to understand that making progress only happens with patience and discipline.

It might take some time for a beginner to get used to practising daily, but progress will follow as soon as it becomes part of his daily routine.

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Take Notes

It is advised and very helpful to take notes during your piano lessons. It will help you remember better the information given by your teacher. You can also make notes directly on your piano score as it will make it all more personal.

Getting a large amount of information during your piano lessons can sometimes be overwhelming and forgetting some details can easily happen. That is why taking notes is essential when learning the piano if you want to make the best out of your piano lessons.

Also, taking notes is a brilliant idea since you can refer to previous advice at a later stage.

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Come Prepared

It is a shame to come unprepared for a lesson provided by an excellent piano teacher, as we will sadly not be able to make the most of it. However, coming to your piano lessons prepared will help maximise the time you spend with your piano teacher and therefore learn as much as possible during the sessions.
Being prepared will not only please your piano teacher; it will also make your piano lessons much more enjoyable as it will give room for improvement instead of reviewing what has been studied the previous week.

Students who practise in between their piano lessons show their diligence and dedication to the instrument. It also determines their willingness to learn and improve themselves.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” – Bobby Unser

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Be Open and Teachable

You attend your piano lessons for two reasons: Showing your teacher what you have practised since your last lesson and gaining further knowledge.

Being open with your instructor will allow him to see what you are capable of and determine which aspects of your piano playing need improvement. It will also help him decide which teaching approach is most suitable for you.

There should always be a two-way communication between a teacher and a student in and outside the piano lessons, as it allows thoughts and ideas to be exchanged whenever and as often as possible.

Ask Questions

You should never be embarrassed to ask questions, even the silliest ones! Piano teachers are usually happy to answer as they know how much it will help you improve your piano playing.

Some teachers have the tendency not to take enough time to explain in great details as they are excited to impart their knowledge to you. It can, however, be overwhelming. For this reason, do not hesitate to ask your piano teacher to slow down and reexplain if need be.

Never be afraid to ask if you need any clarifications as it is not illegal, especially in a learning setting!

It also leads to further discussions between your teacher and yourself and it will undoubtedly make your piano lessons more effective and enjoyable.

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Be Consistent

The key to success is consistency.

One of the keys to successful piano lessons is being consistent with your piano learning. It is the only way to learn effectively. To be consistent with your learning, you must attend your piano lessons and practise regularly. There is no other way or magic trick to improve your piano skills.

You should avoid missing your piano lessons as it would surely affect your momentum and slow your progress down.

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Have Fun

Last but not the least, never forget to enjoy and love what you do. Celebrate the little things. Celebrate all little achievements you get from your daily practice, no matter how big or small your progress is! You surely have poured your heart into the study of a piece so you should pat your back and give yourself a high five! Do not forget to reward yourself for your hard work!

Learning the piano is very enjoyable and it can be very fulfilling when you experience progress flowing.

Knowing these secrets will undoubtedly help you enhance your experience and make the most of your piano lessons. Aside from these 7 secrets, you can also make your piano learning more successful by enrolling at an excellent piano school.

Now that you know all about being a wonderful and successful piano student, you can start your piano lessons straight away and become the brilliant pianist you have always wanted to be!

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