February 24, 2021

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Looking for a piano teacher as an adult beginner can be daunting experience initially, as you may be lost when it comes to knowing who to trust with your piano education. You might wonder what are the qualities of the best piano teachers and how to spot one.

There are a few factors that help qualify a pianist as a fantastic piano teacher and reading this article will hopefully give you a better idea of what to look for.

A piano teacher plays an essential role in an adult beginner piano education since his role is to guide his student throughout his piano journey and lead him to the path of success. A piano teacher is responsible to impart his knowledge of sound production, technique and musicianship to his students.

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The first quality you should look for in a piano teacher is his proficiency in piano playing. To qualify as a piano teacher, a pianist should have a degree in music. He would otherwise not be able to teach you the correct techniques. Also, some difficulties and sound production techniques must be demonstrated by the teacher who should, therefore, be an excellent pianist.

It is a must for all piano students to have a good foundation in music theory as it is an essential aspect of music. It should be studied from the very beginning. It is essential to learn how to read music and understanding timing but knowing how music is written will also help you comprehend and interpret it. It could be compared to studying grammar while learning a foreign language. I believe that it is the piano teacher’s responsibility to provide his students with the correct information for them to excel in piano playing. Beginners are often enthusiastic to learn so their questions must always be answered knowledgeably and thoroughly.

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Besides being a skillful and knowledgeable pianist, a piano teacher must possess excellent communication skills to share his knowledge with his students. He must be able to communicate his thoughts and ideas clearly and sensibly to be understood by men and women who are new to piano playing.

A piano teacher should also have a friendly personality and be happy to build a good relationship with his students. Learning how to play the piano does not have to be limit to the walls of the piano studio! Building a healthy relationship is important since students must feel at ease and not intimidated, otherwise, they cannot express themselves and ask the questions they have in mind. Being approachable is an essential character trait that a piano teacher must possess for your piano education to be a success. It is someone you look up to and you should never feel ashamed whatever your worries or concerns.

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As an adult beginner, it can sometimes be challenging to set a time to attend your piano lessons and practice in between. The piano education of an adult likely gets compromised due to his other personal and professional commitments. A great piano teacher should be able to encourage you and help you organise your practice around your busy life. Piano playing is not always easy. They are often setbacks that must be well-managed and a good pedagogue will be able to motivate you through the difficult times.

As you improve, you will be introduced to more complex technical exercises and piano pieces. Studying them can be challenging if you do not benefit from the guidance of an expert. It is, therefore, your piano teacher’s duty to keep you on track. If he is goal-oriented, he will help you set plans and have targets to keep you going in the right direction. An excellent piano teacher is a problem solver who can help you overcome obstacles when tackling more advanced piano pieces, instead of leaving you in the dark.

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As all individuals are different and require special attention, a piano teacher should have the ability to adapt to the personality, needs and wishes of each of his pupils. He should adjust to each of them and suitably teach them. In other words, he should be able to become a chameleon.

It is essential to make proper research before selecting a piano teacher as studying with a poorly trained and inexperienced person can result in forming bad habits, not making progress, getting discouraged and giving up piano playing altogether.

At S&C, we always ensure to select excellent piano teachers who possess the right set of skills to instruct you in the right way and make your piano journey a truly memorable experience.

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