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Piano lessons in Dubai: Institute or Online?


We all remember the Corona and COVID-19 pandemic, when the world was almost closed and all the centres where human interaction took place, whether it was schools, universities, stores, malls, etc. Therefore, most students in universities and schools have resorted to completing their studies online. Indeed, many exams were presented online. This time period had many positives, as there was plenty of time to discover talents, read books, or learn a lot. Therefore, some people resorted to studying music through YouTube, the Google search engine, or online lessons with a music professor. Therefore, let us learn about the benefits of distance [...]

Piano lessons in Dubai: Institute or Online?2024-04-29T15:08:57+01:00

Ways to Get Out of a Piano Rut


After a year of practice, many piano learners face the problem of stopping at a certain level and being unable to improve beyond it. In fact, this can initially be attributed to the role of talent. But if you look closely at this problem, you will often see that it is due to poor and ill-considered training methods, and perhaps one of the teachers giving you lessons is not skilled or even untalented. Let us now learn about four steps about the most important innovative methods for developing the pianist’s skill, refining his talent, and expanding his philosophical musical understandings to [...]

Ways to Get Out of a Piano Rut2024-03-11T11:09:40+00:00

How To Practise The Piano Properly: 10 Proven Piano Practise Tips You Need To Know


Practise. Do it regularly, preferably every day, and you can be great. You already know this. What you might not know is that the quality of your practise is far more important than the amount of practise. It's proven by medical and educational research that if you get it right, you learn much faster. So, how to practise the piano properly? Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your practiae and improve your piano playing. 1. Set a Specific Goal for Every Session Decide what you want to achieve and make it something you can measure. [...]

How To Practise The Piano Properly: 10 Proven Piano Practise Tips You Need To Know2024-02-23T14:18:19+00:00

12 Essential Accessories Every Piano Owner Should Have


Refining your piano skills, whether for fun or as a serious pursuit, sees a notable improvement when you choose the right accessories carefully. These important tools not only make playing easier and more enjoyable but also significantly enhance the overall quality of the music. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned musicians, including these key accessories merits thoughtful consideration for any pianist. This comprehensive guide deeply delves into essential accessories that elevate performance, safeguard the instrument, and add a personal touch to musical expressions. We provide a carefully chosen list of essential accessories, each playing a crucial role in the set of [...]

12 Essential Accessories Every Piano Owner Should Have2024-01-30T20:30:21+00:00

Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons


Taking piano lessons is unquestionably pleasurable. You will learn how to read music and play enjoyable music. But did you know that, aside from learning wonderful music pieces, there are numerous other advantages to reap? Piano lessons are more than just learning to play a song or piece of music. You'll gain far more than that. In this article, we will go over the advantages of taking piano lessons, which will undoubtedly make your learning more enjoyable and beneficial. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination Reading music and playing with your hands and fingers are required for piano playing. You will be reading a [...]

Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons2023-01-03T21:21:44+00:00


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